Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind

B-G Odyssey Teams Participate in Virtual World Finals!

Three of BG's Odyssey teams will be participating in the first ever Virtual World Finals!  Mrs. Hinman's Effective Detective - Division I team, Mrs. Miller's Effective Detective - Division II team and Mrs. Maduno and Ms. Morris-Schinn's - Gibberish or Not - Division I team all chose to participate in the Virtual World Finals.

This opportunity arose for our teams as Odyssey of the Mind officials had to put their own problem solving skills to the test.  Officials were determined to figure out a way to allow teams to showcase their solutions once the current pandemic forced the cancellation of competitions throughout the country and the world.

Teams were challenged to submit a video of their performance along with an additional video segment that provided an explanation of their solution.  Teams had to record this video while adhering to all the social distancing requirements where they live.  Teams that had a previously recorded video of the solution were allowed to use it.  

Despite having started to make changes to their solution in anticipation of moving on to the State Finals, the Hinman team and Madugno/Morris-Schinn opted to use the previously recorded video performance from their Regional Competition and forgo the changes that they had made.  The Miller team, knowing that their Regional video ran overtime, was determined to redo their performance while social distancing using a zoom format.  Each team had to further complete an explanation video which had to be recorded while social distancing.  

We are extremely proud of each of our teams for completing the video submission of their long term performance by the May 15th deadline!  As if this undertaking were not enough, the teams now have to complete the Spontaneous phase of the competition virtually while maintaining social distancing.

All Spontaneous questions will be verbal type questions. The teams have been given a 3 day window of time to complete their spontaneous question. This phase of the competition needs to be completed by May 19th. They will have 25 minutes to provide their best 25 answers to the unknown question that they are given. Teams had the option of doing a practice problem before attempting their actual problem.  

On Saturday, May 16th, a virtual Opening Ceremonies was held. During the ceremony it was announced that a total of 843 teams are participating from across the US and the World.  New York is being represented by 75 teams. Thirteen foreign countries are participating including teams from Belarus, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, Russia, and Switzerland.

The World Finals Virtual Awards Ceremony will be held on May 30th at 7 pm.  At this time winners in all problems will be announced.  This event can be accessed at the Odysseyofthemind.com website or via their Facebook page.
 Welcome to the 19-20 Odyssey Season
Our Odyssey Parent Informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019.  Student participants are welcome to attend. An overview of the program was provided that evening.  Registration materials will also be distributed.  Additional copies will be posted in the links under OMer's picture on this page after the meeting.  Should you have further questions, please contact Lorraine Porter at lporter@bgcsd.org or Ericka Fleming at 4sterlingF@gmail.com. 
Special Note:  This year's Problem Synopsises are posted under OMer's picture on the upper right.

Mini Spontaneous Event Photos - January 2020

Welcome to Odyssey of the Mind!

Regional Awards Ceremony 2019

Regional Photos - Opposites Distract - Division I

Regional Photos - Classics...Leonardo's Workshop

Mini Spontaneous Photos 2019

State Final Photos - Triathlon Travels - Division I

Moving on to STATE FINALS!

Coach Fleming, Kayleigh Northrup, Clare Sullian, Coach Melly, Blake Tuttel, Owen Fleming and Aiden Vermilyea 

Regional Competition Results

Congratulations to all of our Odyssey teams for excellent performances at the Regional Competition on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018!  The teams returned home with a 1st place trophy, one 2nd place trophy and three 3rd place trophies.  BG will be sending one team on to State level competition on Saturday, April 7th at SUNY Binghamton.
Taking 1st place and moving on to States in the problem Triathlon Travels – Division I were Owen Fleming, Kayleigh Northrup, Clare Sullivan, Blake Tuttel and Aiden Vermilyea . Mrs. Melly and Mrs. Fleming were the coaches for this team.
Taking 2nd place in the problem A Stellar Hangout – Division II were Madalyn Brown, Macaela Burns, Gabriella Cuozzo, Madalyn Gaias, Erinne Sullivan. Coaches for this team were Mrs. Cuozzo and Mrs. Gaias.

Finishing in 3rd place in the problem Classics...Mockumentary! Seriously? - Division I were Kaydence Brimmer, Cyrus Megale, Roxy Megale, Mariah Miller, Kyle Patton, and Breonah Ramsey-Bedell.  Mrs. Roach and Mrs. Miller were the coaches for this team.

Taking 3rd place in the problem A Stellar Hangout - Division I were Owen Degan, Ashlyn DeMorier, Ethan Germond, Harpo Hardt, Ashley Madugno, Ethan Morris, and Aubrey Schinn.  Coaches for this team were Mrs. Madugno and Ms. Morris-Schinn.

Finishing in 3th place in the problem A Stellar Hangout - Div III were Alexis Brown, Gavin Guy, Gina Haddad, Valerie Haddad, Kurt Knoll, Hannah Sprow, and Landon Umbra. Coaches for this team were Mrs. Haddad and Mrs. Rowley.

Finishing in 5th place in the problem A Stellar Hangout - Division II were Marklee Bartle, Matika Bartle, Anastasia Cuyle, Kira Davidson, Sammy Davidson, Dylan Easton, and Nathan Kanzer.  Coaches for this team were Mr. and Mrs. Davidson.

Regional Photos - Classics...Mockumentary? Seriously!

Regional Photos - A Stellar Hangout - Division II

Regional Photos - Triathlon Travels - Division I

A Stellar Hangout - Division II
Regional Photos - A Stellar Hangout - Division I
Regional Photos - A Stellar Hangout - Division III

Regional Competition Information

This year's Regional Competition will be held on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at the DCMO BOCES in Trout Creek.   Competition information was sent home with students and has also been emailed to parents. Please see the Links below OMer for an additional source to this information.

Mini Spontaneous 2018 Photos

New Odyssey Season to begin September 12, 2017

The 2017 -18 Odyssey Season will kick off on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 with a Parent-Student Informational Meeting to be held in the Greenlawn Cafetorium. Those new to the program should arrive at 6 pm. Returning team members should plan on arriving at 6:30 pm. Registration materials will be passed out at this time. More +

Program Sign up forms are NOW Available!

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