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School Budget Vote & BOE Elections

Voter Registration
May 10, 2022
2:00 - 7:00 PM
Greenlawn and Guilford Elementary Schools
Budget Hearing
May 10, 2022
6:00 PM
District Conference Room - Jr-Sr High School
Meeting ID: 972 0770 5991
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+16468769923,97207705991# US (New York)

Budget Vote & BOE Election
May 17, 2022
Noon - 9:00 PM 
Greenlawn and Guilford Elementary Schools

Proposed Budget 2022-23

Document with required information for the 2022-23 school budget.

Voter Information

Voter Registration
Personal registration of Voters is required for the annual vote. 
No person shall be entitled to the vote there at whose name does not appear in the register of the school district, except those persons who registered to vote pursuant to the provisions of Election Law § 5-612. (Qualified voters who are registered with the County Board of Elections are eligible to vote without further registration.) Persons otherwise qualified to vote who voted in any annual vote conducted within four calendar years before the preparation of the register need not personally register for this vote.
Registration will be held on May 10, 2022 from 2:00-7:00 PM at the Greenlawn Elementary School and the Guilford Elementary School. Voters may register with the District Clerk, 18 Juliand Street, until May 13, 2021. Office hours are 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM. 
The register of the school district shall be filed five days before the date of the vote in the office of the District Clerk, located at 18 Juliand Street, Bainbridge, New York where it is open for inspection by any qualified voter of the district between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., each day up to and including the day set for the vote, except Sunday. 
Voter Qualifications 
A person shall be entitled to vote on the appointed date for the election of school district officials, and upon all other matters which may be in the form of a referendum, who is: 
1.  A citizen of the United States.
2.  Eighteen years of age.
3.  A resident within the district for a period of thirty (30) days next preceding the meeting at which he/she offers to vote. (Legal residence is determined by the fixed and permanent home of the voter. Property ownership alone does NOT equal residency. Ownership of real property alone does not qualify an individual to vote in the election of that district.)
No person shall be determined ineligible to vote by reason of race, creed, color or sex, who has other qualifications in this section.

Military Ballots
Military voters who are not currently registered may apply to register as a qualified voter of the School District by requesting to be registered by the District Clerk at (607) 967-6321 or [email protected].  Registered, qualified voters of the School District may apply for a military ballot by requesting an application from the District Clerk at the phone number or email address listed above.  For a military voter to be issued a military ballot, the District Clerk must have received a valid ballot application no later than 5:00 pm on April 21, 2022. In a request for a military ballot application or ballot, the military voter may indicate their preference for receiving the application or ballot by mail, facsimile transmission or electronic mail.

Absentee Ballots 
A  Voter who is registered and who may be unavoidably ABSENT FROM THE COUNTY of residence because of his/her duties, occupation, business, vacation, attendance at college, sickness, disability or detention in jail or prison, may obtain and submit an application for an absentee ballot. 
The procedure for obtaining an absentee ballot is:
  1. Obtain and submit an application for an absentee ballot.
  2. If the ballot will be mailed the application must be received no later than the SEVENTH DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION (May 10, 2022). 
  3. Upon completion of the application, the ballot will be given to the applicant or, in the case of a written request, will be mailed to the applicant. 
Completed ballots MUST BE received by the District Clerk not later than 5:00 PM on the day of the election (May 17, 2022). 
Please contact the District Clerk by phone at 967-6321 or by mail at BGCSD, 18 Juliand Street, Bainbridge, NY 13733 for more information or to receive an application.

Candidate Vacancies for School Board

Petitions nominating candidates for the office of member of the Board of Education must be filed with the Clerk of the District between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. not later than April 18, 2022. The following vacancies are to be filled:
  • A three-year term (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2025), presently held by Shelly Bartow
  • A three-year term (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2025), presently held by Timothy Suda
  • The remainder of a three-year term (May 18, 2022-June 30, 2023), presently held by John Gliha. 
Petition information is available by contacting the District Office. Each petition must be addressed to the Clerk of the District, be signed by at least 25 qualified voters of the District, shall state the residence of each signer, and the name and address of the candidate. Vacancies upon the Board shall not be considered separate specific offices. The individuals receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to the vacancies.

BOE Candidate Bios

Shelly Bartow
Dr. Shelly Bartow is running for her second full term on the Bainbridge-Guilford CSD Board of Education.   Shelly has served on the Board for the past four years, participating additionally in LINKS, Health and Wellness Committee, Audit and Finance Committee, and the Policies Committee.   Shelly has lived in Bainbridge for 20 years with her husband (a 1991 graduate of Bainbridge-Guilford) and her daughter (a current 10th grader).  Professionally, Shelly is the Executive Director of Delaware Opportunities, a non-profit community action agency serving Delaware County.  Delaware Opportunities serves low-income individuals and families through programs such as Head Start, WIC, domestic violence services, Senior Meals, the food pantry network, and much more.  In her role as Executive Director, Shelly reports directly to a Board of Directors herself and understands the importance of the relationship between the Board and the organization’s leadership.  This has helped her to be a more thoughtful Board member and better understand how the Board and the Superintendent can successfully work together.  Prior to the four years she has spent at Delaware Opportunities, Shelly was the Director of the Liberty Partnerships Program, a program that works with at-risk youth and those that need additional supports.  This program serves several schools in Chenango County, Bainbridge-Guilford being one of them.  During her tenure with the Liberty Partnerships Program Shelly got to know many of the B-G students and families but also built a rapport with many of the district’s faculty and staff.  Shelly is committed to trauma-informed care, helping those living in poverty gain self-sufficiency, and being a voice for those that cannot always find their own.   Shelly graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Human Development, Colorado Technical University with an MBA and doctorate in Management and Executive Leadership.  As both a resident of the district as well as a parent of a child in the district, Shelly cares deeply about the well-being of all children and strives to ensure high levels of learning for all. Shelly looks forward to continuing to support the Bainbridge-Guilford community(ies) by advocating for change, addressing needs, having tough conversations, and helping to be the voice for those in the community.

John Gliha
I grew up in Bainbridge and attended Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District Grades K-12. My parents passed while I was in high school; however, I was blessed that our close-knit community, BG, and my teachers played a vital role in guiding my development during those formative years. These many friendships and important life lessons gave me the personal and educational foundation to succeed in life. After high school I went on to earn a BA from SUNY Oswego and then to Arizona State University for graduate studies. I pursued a career in the non-profit sector working at Arizona State University, Iowa State University and Butte Community College. I also worked for many years as a non-profit management consultant where my client base was national in scope, including colleges, universities, secondary schools, health care and social service agencies. Representative lists of the clients I served, along with my resume, are posted on my Facebook page. After retirement, I dedicated my time to serving with non-profit organizations and on charitable boards in support of my local community. One of these was as president of the Paradise Scholarship Foundation, which has distributed hundreds of scholarships to students going on to colleges and trade schools. 

In November 2018, a major wildfire raged through Paradise (CA), devastating the entire community leaving over 18,000 homes burned to the ground. My home was among those destroyed. I decided to move back to the hometown of my youth, Bainbridge. Returning to Bainbridge restored my soul and granted me a sense of wellbeing and the rekindling of friendships I remembered so dearly from my past…indeed treasures no natural disaster could ever destroy. I want to give back and repay Bainbridge for the moral and educational foundation it gave me during my youth. Since returning, I have been active in Rotary, the Masonic Lodge, the Coventry Town Museum, as well as having been fortunate to have served on the BG Board of Education filling in for a vacancy over the past 8-months. I am asking for your vote that I may continue to serve on the BG Board of Education where I will put “students first” as an integral part of our mission. Education is the cornerstone of the future for our youth and our community. 

Thomas Akshar
I have been a resident of the Bainbridge-Guilford community for the past seven years. I grew up a few miles down the road in Afton, NY. My wife and I have two children that will be attending the Bainbridge-Guilford School District in the near future. I have been a Volunteer Firefighter with the Bainbridge Fire Department for the past five years and I currently hold the positions of Department Secretary and First Lieutenant. Serving the Department has taught me a lot of valuable lessons and given me the opportunity to work with a variety of different people. I have been employed in the Emergency Services/Law Enforcement Field for the past nine years. I am currently employed full-time with the New York State Polices as a Communications Specialist and have a part-time job as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher for Chenango County. I try to give back to the community as much as I can, and I believe running for the School Board will allow me to do that. I would be a great asset to the School Board and with recent times, it is now more important than ever to listen to the concerns of parents first. I have experience being a team player and want to put the interests of our students first. Our number one priority is the children. I have decided to run for the School Board because it is an important and influential role in our community. I will ensure that we are providing the best opportunity for our children to learn and thrive.  

Danielle Umbra
My name is Danielle Umbra and I have been in education all my life and I am excited to introduce myself as a candidate for Bainbridge-Guilford School Board. I was born and raised in Guilford with a family of service members and proud community members. I graduated from BG in 1995 and am immensely proud to be a BG alum. I spent just a few short years away from the community as I pursued my education. I first received a bachelor's in psychology and followed that up with a bachelor's and then a Masters in Elementary education. Not only was I shaped by my experiences from my education at BG, but the passion shared with me pushed me to want to give back to the youth in our community. I first taught for Head start and followed that up by working at Afton Central School district. I worked as a Prekindergarten teacher for 6 years. I took the role of being some families first school experience very seriously. Education truly is working with the whole family. This year is my 16th year in education. I am currently working at Gilbertsville Mount Upton as a 1st grade teacher. My husband and I have been married for 18 years. My son Landon attends BG as a Senior, and my daughter Peyton is in 8th grade. When I began looking for a home, I chose to be in the BG district because I was confident, I wanted my own children to have the same experiences. I am running for election to the school board to show my support and give back to the community that has given me so much. I am eager to support our schools in continuing to provide a high-quality education through a healthy balance of academics, extracurricular activities, and co-curricular opportunities. I care for the families and students in our community and look forward to supporting the most important institution within our small town. Through the dedicated support of my family and my love for learning I am committed to asking the necessary questions and working with the community to serve as a voice for your child. Please come out and vote and let your voice be heard, together we will continue to make the BG district a high-quality experience for the wonderful employees and youth it serves. 

Budget Development Schedule

Budget and Vote Information

School Budget Information!
Budget season has begun here at Bainbridge-Guilford.   If you are interested in hearing and learning more about the different areas of the 2022-2023 school budget, information will be presented at each of the Board meetings for the next few months.   
We welcome any community members who would like to join us as we move through the various areas of the budget working towards a final spending plan to present to taxpayers for vote in May.  We hope to see you there!
Below is the schedule of the budget presentations:
January 6 – Athletics
January 20 – Facilities
February 17 – Tax Cap Presentation
March 3 – BOCES Services 
March 17 – Budget Progress Update

April 7 – Board of Education Adopts the 2022-23 School Budget
April 18 – School Board Candidate Nominating Petitions are due in the District Office by 5 PM. 
May 3 – Budget Brochure mailed to District Residents
May 10 – Voter Registration
  • Bainbridge Residents - Greenlawn Elementary School
  • Guilford Residents - Guilford Elementary School
May 10 – Public Budget Hearing – place TBD
May 17 – District Residents vote on the proposed budget
  • Bainbridge Residents – Greenlawn Elementary
  • Guilford Residents – Guilford Elementary

Board Adopted Budget Information

School Tax Information Online

School Tax Information Online
School tax information for the Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District can be found online at the following website:
To search for a property, do not complete all fields in the search area.  The best way to do a search is to type only the first few letters of either the street name or the owners name or the first few digits of the tax map number and hit search.
View text-based website