Superintendent Message

Superintendent Message


Mr. Timothy R. Ryan
Timothy R. Ryan
18 Juliand Street
Bainbridge, NY 13733

Message from the Superintendent


On behalf of the Board of Education, the staff, students and entire school community, I would like to say “thank you” for your support with the 2019-2020 Bainbridge-Guilford Central School budget. Our district will continue to provide our students with a top-notch education because of your efforts and support in and out of school.  I am very proud of our 2019-2020 budget in that we are able to maintain our staff, programs and course offerings.

Recently the district hosted its second Safety Forum.  The evening gave the district the opportunity to communicate to parents and community members all that we do at B-G to keep our students and staff safe.  Attendees heard from the Board of Education, district administrators and law enforcement, as well as got the opportunity to meet our new School Resource Officer.  We at B-G continue to be aggressive in our approach to school safety.

It is hard to believe that the 2018-2019 school year is coming to an end.  Our seniors will be walking across the graduation stage in a few weeks to part for lands far and wide.  We wish this outstanding group of young women and men well on their future endeavors.  If you ever doubt that America’s youth are anything other than outstanding, please send some time with our seniors.

This summer our school campus will continue to see construction work inside the buildings as Phase 2 of the Capital Project kicks into high gear.   The change from last summer will be that the focus will be interior work versus outside work.  We will be running drivers’ education, and the summer feeding programs will again occur at the Guilford Klee House on Main Street and the Bainbridge Presbyterian Church.

I look forward to a very bright future for our students here at B-G.  With your continued support our students will continue to shine in an ever changing world.  Have a great summer, and as always my door is open.  Please feel free to stop by, call the school at 967-6321, or email me at  Have a great summer!


You are invited to the Bainbridge-Guilford Central School Districts spring Safety Forum on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, in the Jr-Sr HS auditorium at 7:00 p.m. You might recall that last spring the district held a safety forum to discuss what we do as a district to keep our students and staff safe. This forum will be a continued discussion on School Safety at BG and what the district has accomplished in the past year in the name of safety. You will get the opportunity to meet the School Resource Officer, learn about internet safety from NYS Police Officer Shannon Hartz, and share any thoughts, suggestions or concerns you might have. Childcare will be provided for this session.
The district is hard at work creating a timeline for the roll-out and implementation of a 1:1 device initiative in which every student, staff member and BOE member will have access to a Google Chrome book.  It is our hope, and a district goal, to increase the availability of technology for our students and staff.  
This is a huge undertaking to say the least. We are capitalizing on the Smart Schools Bond Act funding in which the BG district was awarded a little over one millions dollars. There are many steps and hurdles to overcome in order to use the funding in the most effective way and in ways which will benefit the district. Submission of our plan has occurred to New York State and we are waiting to hear back on plan approval. After approval the district’s infrastructure will be updated and the Google Chrome books will be on their way.  
We have many spent many hours researching other districts, attending trainings, visiting schools and learning all that we can.  Please look for additional information in upcoming district newsletters and on our school website.  If you have any questions regarding our 1:1 device initiative please contact the school at 967-6321.
Budget season is in full swing at BG.  The district is working on preparing a budget that continues to provide top-notch programs for our students, yet is mindful of our taxpayers.
So how does the school budget get built?
A good annual budget begins with sound estimates and well-supported budgetary assumptions. Spending levels and financial resources must be gauged as accurately as possible to ensure that planned services are properly funded. To develop sound estimates, the Superintendent and the School Business official along with the Administration and Board of Education will gather and analyze as much data as possible.   Sources of information used in preparing the budget include the following:
• Budgets for prior and current years
• Prior two year’s financial reports-money allotted, expensed and encumbered
• Current year revenue
• Debt service requirements, contracts, and other commitments
• Current economic conditions affecting revenue generation
• Cash flow reports and revenue projections
• State and federal aid information
• Collective bargaining agreements
• Multiyear capital plans
• Rate of inflation
• Tax and debt limit information, the district’s tax levy 
• Strategic plans-needs and wants for the district’s future
• Input from stakeholders including taxpayers 

Spending levels and financial resources must be accurately gauged at budget preparation time to ensure that planned services are properly funded.
The Superintendent and School Business Official prepare a list of "Budget Assumptions" which will guide the preparation of a preliminary "BASELINE" budget which will provide the initial estimate of the cost of maintaining all current programs, services, and personnel in the next fiscal year.
The School Business Official and superintendent meet with administrators and staff to determine wants and needs for the new budget. The administration will also look for cost savings in the current budget that could be implemented the following year.
The information that has been gathered during the meeting process is then used to create a budget proposal that provides necessary appropriations within the limits of those resources, and meets the district’s goals and objectives. 
The tentative/proposed budget (Superintendent's Recommended Budget) is then presented to the Board of Education.  Alterations and revisions may be necessary after the BOE submits their recommendations.
The Superintendent submits a final, polished copy to the Board of Education for approval, which then votes to adopt the proposed budget before presenting the school budget to the public for vote in May.  A successfully approved school budget is implemented July 1st of that year.
We invest a significant amount of time and effort into preparing the annual budget. It is often a very busy and stressful time.  However, it is not meant to be a solo effort, or a budget created by one or two people.  The district welcomes community input with this process.
In the coming weeks please look for more information on the school budget in the district budget newsletter. I will also be discussing the budget in the local newspapers and my coffees in May. The Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District is YOUR district and I welcome you involvement in this process. My door is always open.  If you have any questions, or would like to meet, please call the school at 967-6321.
Timothy R. Ryan

February/March Message

With the New Year comes the need to create a new budget.  We are working hard to put together a responsible budget that covers the districts costs and continues to offer top notch programs for our students.  We work on the budget each week on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00-4:00 p.m.   If you are interested in attending one of our work sessions please feel free to call the district office at 967-6321.  Also, each upcoming Board of Education meeting will have a portion of the meeting devoted to the 2019-2020 school budget.

As part of our ongoing focus on childhood literacy the Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District is launching a very exciting reading program in conjunction with the Delaware Valley Humane Society located in Sidney.
Very often students are hesitant to read in front of their peers or adults.  Research has shown that students feel more comfortable reading to an animal. Starting on January 30th, B-G will be sending six students at a time to read to the cats and dogs at the animal shelter. Students will travel on district transportation twice a month to the SPCA in Sidney for approximately one hour. Students will be paired with a cat or dog in an adult supervised reading room to share their story with a furry friend. This will serve as a way to boost your child’s reading fluency and self-confidence, while reading out loud. We are very excited about this new opportunity and thank the Delaware Valley Humane Society for working with us.

You may recall, last February the district held a Safety Forum for parents and community members to come together for an opportunity to learn what the B-G district does to keep our students and staff safe at all times.  This May we will be hosting a follow-up safety forum at the Jr-Sr HS.  Included in this forum will be a presentation by NYS Police officer Shannon Hartz, on what parents can do and need to be aware of, to keep their children safe while using social media.

At last year’s safety forum there was extensive discussion on the topic of a School Resource Officer.  Community members and staff members expressed an interest in pursuing this option as an added layer of safety.  What that said, please join me in welcoming Dan Demer to the Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District. Dan was hired on January 7th to be our full-time School Resource Officer.  He will travel between all three buildings and has already begun to get to know our students.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five children meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis during their lifetime. Numerous studies of school-based mental health initiatives have demonstrated the benefit of access to mental health care through schools.  Researchers have found that mental health screening played an important role in reducing the barriers to learning, provided youth with access to services for mental health care, and resulted in positive educational and behavioral outcomes.
Part of the B-G district’s focus on Mental Health this year is our new relationship with Chenango County Mental Health.  We are now able to offer students and families Mental Health services four days a week.  We are excited to welcome Karlee Hoyt to our campus as BG’s Mental Health provider.  If you are interested in setting up a meeting with Ms. Hoyt please call the school at 967-6300.
As we move into the second half of the school year, please know how important communication is between the school and our families.  If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please email me at or call my office at 967-6321.

December/January Message

     Time flies when you are having fun….What an outstanding first 10 weeks we have had here at B-G!  The students are off to a great start this year.  Our sports teams have enjoyed great success and all of our buildings have had facelifts to shine again for the future.  A special congratulations to our Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team on capturing their second straight New York State Championship.  An outstanding group of young ladies, on and off the court.
      With phase one of the Capital Project wrapping it, we shift our focus to the beginning of phase two.  Starting in late spring work will begin on exterior and interior door replacement, new boilers, upgrades to the temperature control systems, locker room renovations and new student lockers at the Jr.-Sr. HS, and a state of the art fitness center.
      Please notice in the spring we will begin the process of putting back the landscaping around all three buildings.  The students from our FFA/Ag club will be assisting with this process.  
      We have begun the process of hiring a School Resource Officer for the district.  Interviews will hopefully wrap up before the holidays and our newly appointed officer can start shortly into the new year.   This has been an extensive process with a committee made up of staff, students and community members.  We want to ensure the person hired for this positon is the best fit to work with our staff and students.
      In keeping with this year’s district focus on mental health, the district continues to prepare for the arrival of Chenango County Mental Health services to our campus.  The county will have space in each of our three buildings, and will be available to work with students and families. 
      The staff continues to work hard as BG becomes a “trauma ready” school.  Through continued professional development and trainings, we will be able to offer our students additional levels of support if they experience traumas in their lives.  
      Hopefully this issue of the Blue and White finds all of our families and community members gearing up for a safe and happy holiday season.  Please continue to reach out with your questions and suggestions as we work together to make the B-G schools the best place for your children.  My email is and my office phone number is 967-6321.

Sincerely yours,

Timothy R. Ryan

Superintendent of Schools

October/November Message

Welcome fall! It seems the warm summer days have given way to chilly evenings and foggy mornings.  Our school year is off and running! What a tremendous opening we had this year.  Our sports teams are enjoying much success on the field and in the gymnasium, and the classrooms are buzzing with teaching, questions and the excitement of a new school year. 

Perhaps the biggest change to the BG District is our ongoing Capital Project.  Work over the summer included new roofing on all three school buildings, new drainage, walkways, handicap accessibility, parking and new playgrounds at both of the elementary buildings. Students, staff and community members seemed most impressed with the speed at which the grass was put down in front of the buildings.  Work will be ongoing until the fall of 2020.  Look for future updates in upcoming issues of the Blue and White.

This year’s theme for the district is “Mental Health, Social/Emotional Wellness and establishing strong relationships to combat ACES.”  What are ACES?  ACES stands for “adverse childhood experiences.”  Some of our students have experienced situations that could be viewed as traumatic.  Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on lifelong health. As such, early experiences are an important issue.  Surveys show that most people in the U.S. have at least one ACE, and that people with four ACEs— including living with an alcoholic parent, racism, bullying, witnessing violence outside the home, physical abuse, and losing a parent to divorce — have a huge risk of adult onset of chronic health problems.  Toxic stress caused by ACEs damages the function and structure of kids’ developing brains, which in effect, then changes a student’s ability to cope, learn and function in life and in a school setting.  ACEs are common…nearly two-thirds (64%) of adults have at least one.  People have an ACE score of 0 to 10. Each type of trauma counts as one, no matter how many times it occurs.  All staff members will be trained to recognize those students that might be struggling and lacking the necessary coping strategies to navigate through this stress.  Continued information on ACES will occur in upcoming newsletters.

Part of the district’s focus on Mental Health will be our new relationship with Chenango County Mental Health.  We will be able to offer students and families services 4 days a week.  BG will continue working with Lourdes Hospital Mental Health for a second year.
Calling all Veterans….  Our third annual Veterans Day breakfast will be Friday, November 9th at 8:00 a.m. in the Greenlawn Elementary School cafeteria.  Last year we were proud to serve over 50 veterans and hope to increase that number this year.  Please invite all veterans and have them RSVP Sue Weibel at 967-6321. 
I would like to invite all of you to email, stop in or call me during the year.  I welcome your ideas, questions and concerns.  We truly are a school community that thrives on the investment of all.  Have an outstanding school year!
Timothy R. Ryan
Superintendent of Schools

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