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Capital Project News!
Public Information Sessions - Capital Project
Superintendent Tim Ryan will present information on the proposed District Capital Project on the following dates:

February 15 in the Jr-Sr High School Auditorium at 7:00 PM.
March 14 in the Guilford Elementary Cafeteria at 7:00 PM

Tours of Buildings
February 16 - High School - 6:30 PM - District Conference Room
February 27 - Greenlawn - 6:30 PM - Greenlawn Conference Rm
March 2 - Guilford - 6:30 PM - Guiford Elementary Cafeteria

District residents will have the opportunity to vote on the $16.5 million dollar project on March 22nd. Voting will take place from noon to 9:00 p.m. at the Greenlawn Elementary School in Bainbridge and at the Guilford Town Hall in Guilford.
Proposed Scope of Project
Architects King + King from Syracuse presented the scope of the proposed capital project to the Board of Education on January 5, 2017. Their presentation can be viewed here.  
Capital Project Planning Starts at B-G
The district recently underwent a building conditions survey in which all three of our school buildings, track and transportation facility were carefully analyzed to see where these structures fall in their “useful life.” Unfortunately, many areas were identified as needing immediate assistance.
Facility Testing Results
B-G Tested for Lead in Water
B-G Central School District tested for lead over this past 6 months in accordance with a new state law and instructions from the state Department of Health. Safety of our students and staff is always a priority at B-G. The district is abiding by the new standards and regulations set forth by the state and has been proactive in the past in testing for lead and other contaminants,

The requirements call for sampling to take place at all water outlets in all school buildings. More than 200 faucets and other water outlets will be sampled by school staff and sent to a laboratory in Cortland for testing.
The new state lead testing law requires all public school buildings that house kindergarten through grade 5 students to test for lead by Sept. 30. All public school building regardless of grade level must be tested by the end of October. Testing is required every five years under the new law, which was signed by the governor in early September.

Under the new state law, a school building is considered “lead free” if its results show lead in quantities of no greater than 15 parts per billion. The 250 milliliter samples must be taken from cold water outlets where the water has been motionless between eight and 18 hours.

Results are posted on the "links" above. If you have any questions, please call 967-6322.
B-G Facilities - 2016

B-G Facilities
Click here for a summary of B-G Facilities.
Voter Registration
March 15, 2017
2:00 - 7:00 PM
Greenlawn Elementary School, Bainbridge 
& Guilford Town Hall, Guilford
Capital Project Vote 
March 22, 2017
Noon - 9:00 PM
Greenlawn Elementary School, Bainbridge
& Guilford Town Hall, Guilford
Contact the District Clerk at 967-6321 for Absentee Ballot Information!  
School Buildings
Buildings and Locations
Board of Education
Superintendent/District Office
18 Juliand Street
Bainbridge, NY 13733
The B-G Jr-Sr High School houses students in grades 7-12 and is located at:

The Greenlawn Elementary School has students in grades 2-6, and it is located at:

The Guilford Elementary School has students in grades PreK-1, and it is located at:

The district is located mainly in Chenango County, but also has portions in Otsego County, Delaware County and Broome County. To see a map of the district and the most recent federal census statistics click here (MAP) and follow the link (type in Bainbridge-Guilford Central School District in the locator bar or click within the district boundaries to zoom in).
Building Use 
Building usage forms will be available in the main office of each school building for classrooms, gyms or cafeteria in that building. Non-School Related Organizations and Groups requesting to use school property will be required to provide proof of insurance and provide a deposit of $100. The deposit will be returned, minus any fees required for room usage, provided there are no damages to school property.
Central School District

18 Juliand Street
Bainbridge, NY 13733
Phone: 607.967.6300
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