Guilford Counseling Services

Guilford Counseling Services

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School Counselor                                                          School Social Worker
Keren Seiler                                                                    Dan Hardy  
895-6700 or 895-6707                                                      967-6374
[email protected]                                                          [email protected]


thinking of your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or friend’s child, you want them to always feel safe and secure. Help kids feel safe by teaching them that the choices they make about their bodies deserve to be respected.
A brief letter to all parents in regards to a character of a video game that sounds cute and cuddly, but in fact, is of the horror genre. A link is provided in letter for more information
Practice these when calm! Make it a game! Create a cool down corner and post this for ideas! Contact Counselors for other ideas!
The 3 R's for deregulating children! Regulate! Relate! Reason!
talking to kids about Covid and many links included.
Shows for kids that promote positive thinking!

2022 MAY Bobkitten Counseling Newsletter

A brief description of the importance of a good night's sleep and accessing learning! A great reminder for our hectic schedules!


January Colors of Us

2018 November Counseling

Falling into Emotions!

October SUPER friends and Helping Hands

Camp Counselor Introductions!

When I Grow Up I Want To Be...


Colors of Us are Beautiful!

December is Kindness Month!

I-Care Rules

National School Counselor Week

School Counselor Role

District Student Support Plan

Chenango County Behavior Health-On Site

Bullying Information

Community Resources

Chenango County Food Banks, etc.
Contact Source for Food and SNAP application assistance
Contact list for diagnostic and evaluation services for families and children
Comprehensive School Counseling Plan summarizing general school counseling services throughout Chenango County.

Community Grief Programs

Website links and recommended children's books
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