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Athletic Awards Night!
Fall Varsity Awards
Golf - Coach: Mr. Dan Cirigliano
Most Improved Player:  Ryan McCarthy
Sportsmanship: Alexis Nichols
Gleason Judd Memorial Award: $ 50.00 donated by the American Legion
Recipient: Thomas Lord

Football - Coach: Mr. Israel Lorimer   
Assistant Coaches: Mr. Kevin Hores, Mr. Nicholas Mayo
Most Improved Player: Haiden Burns
Sportsmanship: Alan Terzo
Unsung Hero: Thomas Palmatier
MVP: Nick Petrutoni

Cheerleading - Coach: Ms. Danica Capobianco
Most Improved Player:  Madison Payne
Sportsmanship: Mariah Olcott
Unsung Hero: Gwen Germond
MVP Cheerleader: Mariah Olcott

Coach Boys: Mr. Travis White
Most Improved Player: Colby Hotaling
Sportsmanship: Easton Porter                        
Unsung Hero: Dadeon Canfield
MVP: Devon Scherhaufer

Coach Girls: Mr. Will Spalholz
Most Improved Player: Ashley Matthews
William Sanford Memorial Sportsmanship Award: Alli Miller
Unsung Hero: Bailey Hart
MVP: Matraca Harmon

Girls Volleyball - Coach: Ms. Tami Selfridge
Most Improved Players:  Makenna Clark & Leah Gregory
Unsung Heros: Marissa Cuozzo & Makenzie Drown

Winter Varsity Awards
BGAH Wrestling
Coach: Mr. Brandon MacNaught
Assistant Coach: Mr. Tom Kelly
Unsung Hero: Jose Bivar
The Milt Brubaker MVP: Austin Eggleston

Bowling - Coach: Sam & Tracey Ventura
Boys Girls
Most Improved Player: Jon England Sasha Lamoree
Sportsmanship: Evan Seymour Mariah Olcott
MVP: Dadeon Canfield Aubrey Bronson

Boys Coach: Mr. Brad Aldrich
Most Improved Player:  Haiden Burns
Sportsmanship: Trent Thornton
Unsung Hero: Garrett Ives
MVP: Thomas Palmatier

Girls Coach: Mr. Bob Conway
Most Improved Player: Macie Leizear  
Sportsmanship: Alli Miller
Helen Taylor Memorial Award /Unsung Hero: Erica Selfridge
MVP: Abigail Selfridge

Indoor Track Coach: Mr. Nick Mayo
Most Improved: Jacob Hotchkin
Sportsmanship: Gavin Farrell
Unsung Hero: Eian Hall
MVP: Nick Petrutoni
Most Improved: Katelyn Porter
Sportsmanship: Justice Franklin
Unsung Hero: Kristen Chambers
MVP: Ethne Degan

Spring Varsity Awards
Baseball - Coach: Mr. Phil Bianchi
Jim Lyons Memorial Most Improved Player: Damien Farberman & Trevor Ross
Kenneth Parker Sportsmanship Award: Thomas Palmatier
Paul Kohler & Bill Burton MVP Award: Garrett Ives

Softball - Coach: Mr. Randy Palmatier
Most Improved Player:  Bailey Hart
Sportsmanship: Alli Miller
Unsung Heros: Morgan Neidig & Bree Barber

Tennis - Coach: Mr. George Williams
Most Improved Player:  Ryan Cooper
Unsung Hero: Nate Oliver
MVP: Jared Pruskowski & Dadeon Canfield

Track & Field
Coach: Mr. Nick Mayo
Assistant Coach Ms. Stephanie Knowles
Most Improved: Eian Hall
Unsung Hero: Gavin Farrell & Jacob Hotchkin          
MVP: Nick Petrutoni
Willard Morse Memorial Award: $25.00 Donated by the American Legion.
Recipient: Gavin Farrell
Sportsmanship: Zamira Caldwell
Unsung Hero: Taylor Parsons
MVP: Ethne Degan & Erica Selfridge

Mid-State Athletic Conference Scholar Athletes
Football: Alan Terzo Cheer: Alexis Brown
Soccer – Boys: Colby Hotaling Girls: Alli Miller
Golf: Jared Pruskowski Volleyball: Abigail Selfridge

Basketball - Boys: Garrett Ives Girls: Abigail Selfridge
Indoor Track - Boys: Ryan Porter Girls: Sam Ceresna
Bowling - Boys: Dadeon Canfield Girls: Sasha Lamoree
Wrestling: Jose Bivar

Baseball: Thomas Palmatier
Softball: Abigail Selfridge
Tennis: Jared Pruskowski
Track - Boys: Nate Henry Girls: Zamira Caldwell

2018-2019 NYS Scholar Athlete Teams
Football, Cheerleading, Soccer; Boys & Girls, Golf, Girls Volleyball, Bowling, Basketball; Boys & Girls, Baseball, Softball, Tennis and Track & Field.
Awards of Distinction
John Benkovitz Memorial Award
John was a lifelong resident of Guilford and supported our school's athletic program as a member of the Athletic Booster Club. He was often observed at many of our teams' games, particularly games being played by younger student/athletes. He seemed to revel in the maturation of young players as they developed their skills and kindled their competitive spirit. John spoke often of young athletes he had observed who seemed to participate for the love of the sport. John described these kids, as "having heart and willingness to hustle" no matter what the score was. 
This award is presented in memory of John Benkovitz to the Junior Varsity or Modified player or players, who in the opinion of the Coaching Staff contributed the most to their teams’ efforts based on hustle, desire and attitude throughout this school year. The recipient of this award excels by having a desire to see his/her teams do well through hard work, cooperation and the willingness to put forth that extra effort whenever needed.
This year's winners are: Omar Mohamed & Taylor Parsons
Sam Taylor Coaches Trophy
Donated by: The Taylor Family
Sam Taylor graduated from Bainbridge High School in 1936 and received a scholarship to attend Syracuse University with intentions of majoring in Physical Education.  Unfortunately he only was able to attend Syracuse for one year because of a family commitment.  Sam Loved sports and supported our school program as a member of the Athletic Booster Club.  He believed every athlete should put forth their best effort regardless of the score.  His enthusiasm in support of his three sons exemplified the true meaning of hard work and sustained effort.  An excerpt from the 1936 Echo describes Sam Taylor as follows:“Sammy won marked distinction not only on the field of hearts but on the equally perilous basketball, football and baseball field; also in track we find him outstanding.  Rather quiet in bearing and possessed of a pleasing personality, he has made a host of friends here and with him go the best wishes of all of us……”
This award is presented in memory of Sam Taylor to the young man, who in the opinion of the Coaching Staff was most coachable based on hustle, desire, and attitude throughout the year.  To put this award in proper perspective, it is not necessary to list this athlete’s accomplishments and accolades, although they are many.  Rather, remember that this young man’s attributes are essential to every successful athletic program and team.  This award is not based solely on athletic talent or accomplishments, but rather on a desire to see his teams do well through hard work, cooperation, and the willingness to put forth that extra effort whenever needed.  This year’s winner is:  Alan Terzo
Flossie Uhlig Coaches Trophy
Donated by Friends of Flossie Uhlig
Flossie taught in the Sidney School District for 3 years (1948-1951) before taking time out to raise her family.  She continued her teaching career at Bainbridge-Guilford for 18 years spanning 1965 through 1983 as our Elementary Physical Education teacher.  The following biography describes Flossie and what she stood for: Teacher, coach, wife, mother, grandmother, Woman of the year—Flossie Uhlig was the personification of all that is good in the world.  She had a booming voice that could be heard throughout this auditorium without any amplification.  She had a never ending commitment to help every human being, no matter who they were, or where they had come from.  She had a sense of fairness unequaled anywhere.  Flossie Uhlig was a champion of the human race. The FLOSSIE UHLIG COACHES AWARD is annually presented to the female athlete who is dependable, cooperative, and willing to go the extra distance to achieve a goal.
Someone who doesn’t say “I can’t” but rather “I’ll try”.
Someone who doesn’t make excuses - - she simply works harder.
This award is not based purely on athletic talent and the number of honors bestowed upon the recipient throughout the year; it goes beyond the obvious and searches for attributes appreciated by all but developed by only a few.  This year’s winner is: Zamira Caldwell
Mickey Flyzik Memorial Award:
Mickey Flyzik was a Four-Sport Athlete during his years at Bainbridge-Guilford, but he loved all sports.  He passed this love of sports on to his children who grew up in Bainbridge and then to his grandchildren.  He continued playing sports in his adult years and was an excellent bowler and golfer.  In his later years Mickey worked for the BGCSD as a groundskeeper, taking pride in maintaining the athletic fields for B-G so that the next generations of athletes would enjoy the sports he loved as a student. This award is presented to a young man and young woman who have competed on multiple teams during the school year at Bainbridge-Guilford.  Along with their participation, these students have exhibited the qualities of loyalty, sportsmanship, and team spirit while representing B-G through the venue of athletics. This year’s Winners are: Thomas Palmatier & Alli Miller 
United States Army Reserve
National Scholar Athlete Award
The National Scholar/Athlete Program recognizes high school students throughout the nation who demonstrate the highest achievement in both academics and athletics.  Since the program began in 1981, the National Scholar/Athlete Award has been presented to more than 65,000 high school students.  Any student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in a varsity or comparable sport while maintaining superior academic credentials is eligible. Bainbridge-Guilford is fortunate to have two such student/athletes who meet these requirements and this year’s winners are: Jacob Hotchkin & Samantha Ceresna
United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award
Each year the United States Marine Corps offer a Distinguished Athlete Award to high school Students who can be recognized as an exemplary young citizen and role model for younger students. They can also be recognized as having the personal traits of courage, poise, self-confidence and leadership while performing as a varsity athlete. Bainbridge-Guilford is fortunate to have two such student/athletes who meet these requirements and this year’s winners are: Colby Hotaling & Kori Thornton

United States Air Force Scholar/Athlete Award
Each year the United States Air Force recognizes scholar-athletes across our country.  This award is given to students who have excelled in athletics as well as academics. This year’s winners are: Nate Henry & Kristen Chambers
Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year:
Our Outstanding Female Athlete’s athletic ability and fierce competitive nature on the playing fields may best be appreciated in the following description of excellence:

Going far beyond the call of duty, doing more than others expect…This is what excellence is all about.  And it, excellence, comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, looking for the smallest detail, and going the extra mile.  Excellence means doing your very best.  In everything, in every way…every day!

The 2018-19 Female Athlete of the year is:
Abigail Selfridge

Outstanding Male Athlete of the Year:
Our Outstanding Male Athlete has participated in multiple sports since he began his High School career.  His maturation as a student-athlete and young adult may best be described in the following:

The Only Way to Win
“It takes a little courage, and a little self-control
And some grim determination, if you want to reach your goal.”

The 2018-19 Male Athlete of the year is:
Nick Petrutoni